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fort barli

Fort Tour

The magnificent 16th Century built fort has many enchanting untold stories to share about it's rich cultural heritage, purpose and palatial architecture. An activity designed to familiarize guests with its charming history and heritage linage of the bygone era.Guests are shown both Mardana (Male) and Zenana (Female) areas under the old tradition of 'Purdah Culture', armory collection, treasury, assembly halls, and much more.

fort barli

Bullock Cart Safari

A classic tour around the streets of Barli on a bullock cart. Tastefully designed with decorative cushiony linens, this activity is one of our big hits!This elaborative tour includes village sightseeing, viewing its colorful markets, visit age old cenotaphs (The memorials of the rulers) with colorful fresco paintings depicting mythology, viewing pottery manufacture, cobbler's store, visiting on-going village schools, exploring rural houses & stepped wells. The safari also includes a visit to a temple with eye stunning fine mirror works.

fort barli

Royal Dressing

An activity inspired to promote the elegant lifestyle, costumes, and culture of the legendary land – Rajputana. Royal dressing is your moment to live like a Maharaja and Maharani! Our guests can dress in our traditional outfits such as 'Poshaks' with elaborative colorful designs, patterns and sequences adorned with elegant looking jewellery. While being dressed in the Poshaks, guests can enjoy their evening at any of our theme restaurants to call out a royal celebration!

Activities Program

There are lots of activities in fort barli luxury hotel which are organised 

by us on special request to cater for the guests staying with us.

fort barli

Wellness Retreat

Lie back and revel in an extraordinary journey of rejuvenation relaxation and pure wellness to discover healthier life goals. Our series of bespoke culinary regimes, organic eating traditional treatments are designed to restore and revitalize your mind and body. This activity is offered to guests staying minimum for two nights. The diet chart is planned with a dietician to ensure guests can benefit to their maximum.

fort barli


Would you like to be an early bird? Trust us, your morning would be more than adventurous than you've imagined! Introducing an activity which offers guests to see birds like Herons, Egrets, Lapwings, Jacanas, Woodpeckers, Tailor Birds, Water hens, Tattlers, Drongos, Rollers, Owls, Seven Sisters to just name a few. Explore the country side in our four wheel drive and capture moments with your loved ones amidst nature.

fort barli

Ayurvedic Massage

Take a break from your busy travel schedule to unclutter and revitalize your mind, body and soul with our signature ayurvedic massage. Lie back and Relax, Re-energize, Rejuvenate with our bespoke treatments. Our experts pampers you with enriched oils, balms and pressure techniques Customized plans also available for a specific areas, muscle recovery and tension points.

fort barli

Swimming Pool

Built on one of the bastion of the century built fort our infinity swimming pool is one of the most peaceful corners you could find.Guests can relax and unwind themselves at our infinity swimming pool or perhaps enrich their vitamin levels as they lay down on our comfortable sunbeds admiring the views while sipping their refreshing mocktails. Its an ideal location to view a perfect sunset, trust us!

fort barli

Traditional Royal Dinner

Indulge your taste buds with our signature dishes. handcrafted to perfection, served on a silver platter to make your dining experience royal. The classic candle lit, sit down dinner offers guests the
privacy to enjoy an elaborate meal with their loved ones. The meals include a wide array of rich delicacies inspired by the royal recipes of Barli. Our signature dishes are garnished to perfection offering authentic local flavor.

fort barli

Cooking Demonstration

An activity inspired by the spices, flavours and delicacies from the scrumptious royal recipes of Barli.

A perfect invitation to learn about the local cuisine of the region. Our bespoke interactive culinary activity offers an experience to prepare scrumptious dishes cooking a
vegetarian dish, a non-vegetarian dish and a dessert. Guests can take back exciting tips, recipes and knowledge from the wide variety of delicacies of their choice.

fort barli

Wedding Events

Weddings are measured as one of the most consecrated and tremendous events of one's life. Every couple has the desire of celebrating their marriage in an imperial and a majestic manner. Fort Barli offers an activity where a couple can rejoice their life's greatest moments such as marriage. With the vows and verses preached by the holy man, we arrange an entire experience of an indian marriage with the same enthusiasm, feeling and joy. We travel that extra mile to make their day one of the most memorable one!

fort barli

Yoga Class

A great way to commence the day. A morning yoga class by with the sun rising in the foreground is great to cultivate mental focus, serenity and positivity . Let the stresses of life fall by the wayside as you breathe into a yogic posture . Yoga is suitable to all ages and levels of fitness and the yoga
session can be tailored to suit the practitioner. Sessions for 60 minutes is held by yogic experts on prior appointment

fort barli

Other Services

  • Astrologer: On prior appointment 

  • Henna / Mehndi Decoration

  • Library  Complimentary

  • Private Dining

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