About Us

Barli, has been a special home for me since birth. It was here that I spend my childhood as a little princess and grew up listening about the rich culture and traditions followed during the Barli Raj. ( Barli Rule).The palace has seen many great legendary Rajput warriors including my great grandfather Darbar Sahib Lal Singh ji, who played a key role in the battle with Maratha’s. His tales of valour and chivalry still echoes in folk lore.

 My concept behind Barli is to restore the royal heritage grandeur and recreate the majestic past of the legendary Rajputana, where our guests can experience and engage themselves with the rich history and the legacy of this magnificent palace property. Each room has been carefully prepared to maximize the experience of living in a fort, where we try connecting personally with all our guests.

 I take great pride to share that we are one of the very few palace properties, which has a heritage of 341 years to reflect and we are very delighted to share this treasure with you.

Finally, I welcome you at Hotel Fort Barli, a unique destination heritage palace property in Rajasthan. My team will make sure you have a great experience of reliving the majestic royal character of this 16th century built palace property.

We look forward to having you over for a memorable and an unmatched experience with us!