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Village Barli, Near Bijainagar District Ajmer, Rajasthan | +91-141-236 0717

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About Us

The Rathore dynasty of Barli traces its descent from Rao Maldeo of Marwar (Jodhpur). Erstwhile Darbar Devi Das ji founded Barli in 1675. Coming from such an illustrious lineage, it is not surprising that the rulers of Barli were great legendry warriors. Darbar Lal Singh ji of Barli was famous for his valour and chivalry against the Marathas in the 18th century. 

The family has now thrown open the gates of their fort to discerning visitors and converted the fort into a Heritage Hotel. The fort has been lovingly restored and refurnished retaining original character. 


Tastefully designed and elegantly appointed rooms, having their own individual character and furnishings, embody the finest of Rajasthan, offering high levels of comfort coupled offering high levels of comfort coupled with our personalized services.


As the name suggests this suite is fit for a king!  Grand interiors that enthrall your aesthetic senses. Enjoy luxurious amenities along with stunning views of the countryside from each room.


Come, experience 340 years of heritage at our beloved Fort Barli, as the 16th generation welcomes you personally to their palace property, drenched in hues and history of the bygone era.

Getting To

Fort Barli

Village Barli, Near Bijainagar  District Ajmer,

Rajasthan, INDIA

Village Barli, Near Bijainagar  District Ajmer,

Rajasthan, INDIA

Bijainagar Railway Station

( 8 kms )  

Distance from Major Cities

( Udaipur 219 kms | Delhi 449 kms | Jaipur 182 kms )


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