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Unfurl the royal legacies of the princely state of India - Rajasthan and unveil its true beauty. Just imagine the thrill of being in Rajasthan and exploring the spellbinding and most sought after travel destination in India with Fort Barli, a luxury heritage hotel, which is all devoted to provide you a pleasure filled stay in Rajasthan.
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Fort Barli
Fort Barli is a unique way to experience Rajasthan, one of Indiaís most vibrant and exotic destinations. A luxury heritage hotel with its own distinctive character, it revives the gracious lifestyles of Indiaís legendary Rajput princes. This royal heritage fort hotel combines classic heritage with contemporary elegance and is fast becoming the discerning travellerís ideal getaway.

Rajasthan is the land of Maharajas, famous for its forts, palaces and heritage hotels, and Fort Barli evokes that cultural richness, the princely pleasures, and the romantic interludes of the historic era.
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